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Rheinstraße 12, 56237 Wittgert, Deutschland.


E-Mail: info@meinephotobox.de
Tel: +49 (0) 2623 7974 269

Alle auf dieser Website genannten Preise gelten inkl. 19% USt. und nur als Leihgebühr für 24 Stunden zzgl. 0,5 € / gefahrenen KM Anfahrtskosten ab 56237 Wittgert. 

Die Anfahrtskosten sind viermal zu berechnen.

FotoBox.me Cyprus - A PixPress LTD Brand. Design by Designagency Cyprus PIXOBEL

Paphos Photobooth

Phone (CY): +357 260 20192
Phone (DE): +49 2623 8699941
Mobile: +357 998 90211

Support: mail@fotobox.me

FotoBox.me is a Brand of
PixPress LTD
Tefkrou Anthia No.2
Office 301
6045 - Larnaca, Cyprus

* All prices quoted on this website are incl. 19% VAT and only as a rental fee for 24 hours plus 0.5 € / KM travel costs from Paphos Center.

The travel costs are to be calculated four times.

FotoBox.me is your local provider for photobooths, photoboxes and video booths in Cyprus! We offer full-service photobooth rental in Limassol, Pissouri Bay, Latchi, Peya(Pegeia), Konia, Ayia, Armou, Lemba, Chloraka, Emba, Tsada, Arsos, Kamares Village, Tala, Pentalia, Lemona, Statos, Pyrgos, Agios Pavlos  and around Paphos. Just check out our delivery area page !

Are you looking for photobooth rental in Paphos or Limassol? Then check our website and our three different photoboxes. Birthdayparties, Wedding, Events or Exhibitions - our photobooths are perfect for every event and budget.